You can check out the links I have from some of the best softball players to have played in my Era. From Todd Joerling (shortstop) to Robb Schleede (outfielder) who both played with the Men Of Steele's. Both of them have been awarded the Best Defensive Awards at the USSSA Men's Major World Series. They have some pretty cool information to help you achieve the level of success that you are looking for.

The late great Dirk Androff was a workaholic when it came to trainiing for softball. He has a program that he wrote for a person that was really plannng on putting it all out there. To work at it to it's highest point. The players on your teams would make you work that much harder. The competition between the players and other teams was incredible.

Strongman Larry Carter has a routine for the player that is trying to slow it down after a number of years of competition He tells you how to stay healthy and strong as you get older. Shows you his hit routine for still killing it after all these years.

Here is a great video that Ken VanBogart has put together for Sports Techiniques with some of my tips...




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