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In today's softball and baseball world "bat speed" is the most common phrase you will hear at the ball field.  "It's bat speed that hits home runs."  I am a firm believer of that.  That bat speed does have a lot to do with how far the ball is launched.  But, I think that your bat speed has to follow a fluid swing with good mechanics. Anyone that has a good swing and has good bat speed already, is only going to hit the ball farther if they can increase that bat speed

Important Note:You want to increase your bat speed using the same weighted bat that you usually use. If you go to a lighter bat to increase your bat speed and it works that is great, but 9 times out of 10 you want to increase your speed with your bat weight that you have been using. I am a firm believer in moving a bigger and heavier bat at the incoming softball will only increase the distance.

Simultaneous Summation Of Levers

Simultaneous Summation Of Levers is the same principle as the Domino effect. When you are swinging a softball bat, your swing actually starts at your feet, then your ankle, your knees, your hips and so forth. Your swing starts from the bottom and goes upwards as the body turns into the pitch. You will actually be exploding into the ball with all your force, that you built up into your mighty swing..



It should lead into one explosion at the end.


12.10.2009 Updated Note:



Question: Can I swing at a softball off the tee or can I use a swing away when I do the dry cuts?
Answer: No! You want to do this drill by just swinging the bat through the air. You want to swing the bat as hard as you can and try and whip it back into swing position as quick as possible.
Question: How heavy should my bats be?
Answer: You want to go 8 ounces lighter than your normal weight and 8 ounces heavier
than your normal bat. This is the ideal set up. If you can get the right weights it will
only help you more. If you don't have the exact weights it is not going to hurt you. Do the best that you can with what you have.


Equipment Needed for the Exercise
3 Softball Bats
1 Light Bat (softball bat without the plug in it- 20 oz.)
1 Regular Weighted Bat  (your game bat)
1 Heavey Bat      (something heavier than normal by at least 5 oz.)


Below I have some photos of the different bats.

Photo # 1
Photo #1. -  Here I am with a blank shell from a softball bat. There is no end plug. Therefore making the empty bat shell weigh 20 ounces.
Fast Twitch Muscles
Fast Twitch muscles are your smaller ones. You want to swing a bat that is lighter than your normal weight. Take a bat and remove the end plug to make it as light as possible. Around 20 ounces is just fine. 


Photo #2
Photo #2   - I am holding onto my regular weighted bat. (My game bat) You will need this size weight to swing during this exercise.
Both Twitch Muscles
Once you have performed this exercise for a 12 week period you should be able to notice an increase in your bat speed.  Your bat speed will increase anywhere from 10% up to 25 %. Therefore adding at least 10 feet on your ball.

 Photo #3
Photo #3  -  I am holding a bat that is heavier than my regular weighted bat . A bat that weighs any where from 38 ounces and heavier is good for me.. You be your own judge on your own bat. You want to be able to swing it. You don't want to drag the bat through the zone. We need 10 good swings with  this bat for 3 sets with this exercise.
Slow Twitch Muscles
Your slow twitch muscles are your bigger muscles in your body. I want to swing a heavier than usual bat for these muscles.

12 Week
Increase Your Bat Speed Routine

1st  week Monday and Wedsneday 
2nd week Tuesday and Thursday 
3rd week  Monday and Thursday 
4th week  Tuesday and Friday 
5th week  Monday and Wednesday 
6th week  Tuesday and Friday
7th week Monday and Thursday 
8th week Tuesday and Friday 
9th week  Monday and Wednesday 
10th week Tuesday and Thursday 
11th week Monday and Thursday 
12th week Tuesday and Friday

You need to do this routine for at least 9 weeks to get the full effect.
If done for the maximum of 12 it can only help you that much more.

Bat Speed Routine

Bat Weight
1st set
Heavy Bat
10 - 12
2nd set
Light Bat
10 - 12
3rd set
Heavy Bat
10 - 12
4th set
Light Bat
10 - 12
5th set
Heavy Bat
10 - 12
6th set
Your Own  Bat
10 - 12

The key to this exercise is to do it at least two times a week.
If you want to do this routine more than the 2 times I have perscribed
feel free to do it. It won't hurt you.

If done correctly you should have increased your bat speed anywhere from 10 to 25 %
It should definitely help in 2 ways.

1. It will help you with the distance of your ball.
2. It will help you hit the ball through the infield that much faster.

If you have any questions about this program feel free to e-mail me. Thanks!



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